Cloudbeds Integration

Flexkeeping-Cloudbeds Integration Guide

Thank you for joining Flexkeeping! We’re looking forward to helping your staff run your hotel better. Watch the video to get a quick overview of how Flexkeeping works.

Flexkeeping is a staff communications and hotel operations management platform where your team can exchange information, resolve issues, and ensure things get done. Flexkeeping helps you connect your departments and organize workflow, keeps you informed about everything that’s happening in your hotel, and provides you with meaningful analytics to maximize your hotel’s performance.

Get started with Flexkeeping right now in 3 steps

  1. On the Cloudbeds platform:
    a) Click CONNECT APP.
    b) Give Flexkeeping permission to access your Cloudbeds account by clicking APPROVE.
  2. You will be redirected to the Flexkeeping page where you’ll be able to set your Flexkeeping password:
    a) Create and confirm the password you’ll be using to access your Flexkeeping platform.
    b) Enter your email and password to log in to Flexkeeping.
  3. Voila! Congratulations, you’re now a part of our big Flexfamily! Feel free to explore the app on your own and play around before going live. Make sure you contact us when you’re ready to start using Flexkeeping and connect it with Cloudbeds:
    a) Contact us by replying to the Welcome email you’ll receive from us or by sending an email to We’ll gladly provide you with a short product walk-through and help you connect your Cloudbeds account with Flexkeeping.
    b) Click ‘Go Live’ to check and update your spaces and codes and invite your colleagues.
    c) Click ‘Settings’ in the Main Menu and choose Cloudbeds to integrate the two accounts.

The best product on the market.

At Flexkeeping, we’re passionate about helping hotel staff run their hotels better, so we’re always looking for new ways to further improve our services in order to become the very best in our field. Our main focus is offering real solutions, which is why we listen to our users and are constantly adding new features to make hotel management even simpler. Hotel professionals are at the center of our attention, and to show them just how committed we are to our mission of making their working lives easier, we decided to organize the first-ever event for housekeeping managers in the region, Housekeeping Palooza.

Our seamless integration will provide you with:

  • Instant minibar consumption updates, meaning that all consumed goods are directly charged to the guest’s room. Flexkeeping simplifies the process of minibar inventory control, thus minimizing the chance of human errors and reducing potential lost revenue due to unrecorded minibar consumption.
  • Constant data exchange between Flexkeeping and PMS that significantly reduces the number of phone calls between Front Office and Housekeeping and ensures all departments stay informed of (early and late) check-outs, room moves, extended stays, etc.
  • Real-time room status updates that enable housekeepers to better organize their workflow, clean rooms faster, hence ensuring everything is always ready in time for the new guests.
  • Higher guest satisfaction resulting from more efficient hotel operations, shorter check-in wait times and better guest service.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have Housekeeping enabled in your Cloudbeds profile, please reach out to and request third party Housekeeping add-on. The Cloudbeds team will enable it to you free of charge.

Data exchanged between Flexkeeping and Cloudbeds

After successful integration, Flexkeeping and Cloudbeds will start exchanging information regarding reservations, rooms and guests, room cleanliness and minibar consumption.

Flexkeeping receives the following information from Cloudbeds:
  1. All current and future reservations
  2. Guest details of current and future reservations: first name, last name, birthday, VIP status, country
  3. Room status: Blocked Rooms or ‘Out of Order’ and ‘Do Not Disturb (DnD)’
  4. Room cleanliness: clean and dirty
Flexkeeping sends the following information to Cloudbeds:
  1. Room cleanliness: clean and dirty
  2. Minibar consumption updates (posting&editing)

Disconnect Flexkeeping from your myfrontdesk account

To disconnect Flexkeeping from your myfrontdesk account, follow the steps below:
  1. Send an email with your request to
  2. Go to your Cloudbeds account, click on ‘Manage Area’ and then navigate to ‘Manage Apps’.
  3. Choose Flexkeeping and click Uninstall to disconnect it from your myfrontdesk account.
  4. By uninstalling Flexkeeping, access will be revoked immediately. The data received before revocation of access will still be present in the Flexkeeping app. If you wish to delete all data, please send your request to

Contact Flexkeeping support

If you need help or have additional questions, feel free to contact us at