A New Feature for Simpler Maintenance Outsourcing

Product update app screen

Connect with your contractors faster with the new maintenance outsourcing feature

Product update app screen

The benefits for your hotel

  • Contacting outsourcing companies becomes easier and faster.
  • Everything can be arranged in just two clicks, so time-consuming telephone calls become completely redundant.

  • Emails and confirmations are sent automatically.

  • You get an overview of all repairs assigned to outsourcing companies.

  • Real-time updates on the repair status.

  • A work order can be printed out straight from the Flexkeeping app.

  • All communication in one place – internal as well as external.

Communication with independent contractors made easier

The new feature added to our maintenance module allows hotels to add a list of outsourcing companies together with their emails into Flexkeeping and then easily assign repairs directly to the chosen contractor through the app.

Outsource repairs in 3 simple steps

Step 1:
When a repair needs to be carried out by an outsourcing company, a user simply assigns the task to a contractor through Flexkeeping. When a request is made, an email is automatically sent to the outsourcing company with an invite to schedule a repair in the app.

Step 2:
The contractor picks the date and time of the repair, and once the repair is scheduled, Flexkeeping sends a confirmation email directly to the hotel.

Step 3:
After the repair has been successfully carried out, the head of maintenance simply marks the task as “completed” in the app.

Want to try the new feature?

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