Instant Communication Improves Hotel Maintenance

The positive impact of real-time communication on hotel maintenance issues in a 230-room hotel

Nestled among pine trees just a few steps from the beach and Poreč town centre is one of the most popular hotels in the area. Roughly 40 years after its opening, this 230-room property underwent an extensive renovation in 2014, after which it was awarded a fourth star. In order to further improve their services, the hotel also decided to implement Flexkeeping, a hotel staff communications and operations management platform in 2017.

In this case study, we review its main impacts on the resolution of maintenance issues.



The old 4-step reporting system that was partly based on face-to-face communication demanded a lot of back and forth and was thus highly ineffective and time-consuming. A member of staff, most frequently a housekeeper, reported a maintenance issue to their head of department who logged it into their computer system which then sent out a phone notification to a maintenance staff member who after resolving the issue marked it as completed in the computer system.


The Flexkeeping app significantly optimised and simplified the process of reporting maintenance issues by enabling all staff to log the issue directly into the app, instantly informing all staff of the problem and the level of its urgency. A maintenance staff member then simply had to mark the issue as resolved, upon which a notification was sent to the entire staff.



The same year that the Flexkeeping hotel operations software was implemented, the number of reported and resolved maintenance issues increased from 1,230 to 3,020. With 59.28% more issues recorded, the management have obtained a more extensive overview of all maintenance issues and are now able to better organise maintenance work, hence preventing and lowering future maintenance costs. In addition, they can also predict and prevent potential negative impacts on guest satisfaction.


In addition to an overall increase in the number of reported maintenance issues, reports were made in more even intervals throughout the day as shown in the graph above. Due to faster and more efficient communication, issues were identified and resolved more quickly. If previously issues had remained unnoticed or often unresolved until the next day, the Flexkeeping hotel maintenance software now enabled for every single problem to be dealt with promptly and fixed the same day it was reported.


Faster and more efficient communication among staff is not only responsible for better management of maintenance issues, but it can also contribute to a higher level of guest satisfaction. Seeing that problems can be reported and resolved more swiftly, guests are less likely to be affected by them.


As you can see from the data, real-time communication is crucial for improving your maintenance. It ensures no issue, no matter how big or small, gets overlooked, and that every single one of them gets resolved promptly.

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